Diversity Hut strongly believe in changing corporate culture. Research has proven organisations that create an inclusive culture and reap the benefits of diversity are innovative, efficient and more profitable. We enable you to be amongst the organisations that truly leverage diversity.

We do this by providing you with highly influential thought leaders and experienced professionals who can advise on Diversity related strategy, implementation, compliance, reporting and continuous improvement.

We will help you create and navigate:


  • Formation and delivery of a attraction management programme for Apprentices
  • Formulation Of A Supplier Diversity Action Plan
  • Corporate D&i Strategy And Policy Development
  • Formation Of Gender, Ethnic, LGBT And Disabled Working Groups
  • Formation and delivery of a attraction management programme for Graduates
  • Formation And Delivery Of A Retention Programme
  • Setting Up Various Iniatives Designed To Create Inclusivity
  • Formation and delivery of attraction management programme for Experienced Professionals
  • Leading Supplier Engagement Events Such As Meet The Buyers
  • Corporate Data Equality Analysis

Not only do we help you formulate policy, strategy and management programmes, we help deliver it too.

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